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Choose the plan that suits your organization's needs and budget.

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Pathfinder Plan

Free OPPi-nion for a quick burst of insight

Take OPPi for a test drive. Set it to work on your biggest issues and discover how powerful the results can be.

Run AI-powered engagement sessions for a whole month

Host up to 3 engagement sessions per account

Involve up to 50 participants per session

Access real-time analytics for instant insights

Download data files throughout your trial period

Try OPPi

Trailblazer Plan

Premium OPPi-nion whenever you need it

HR. Product developers. Customer service practitioners. Public opinion seekers. Marketers. When insight is an essential tool of your trade, subscribe to OPPi and find all the insight, context and understanding you need, unlocked for you in real time:

Run unlimited AI-powered engagement sessions every month

Involve up to 2,000 participants per session

Access real-time analytics for instant insights

Download data files for as long as you subscribe

Embed sessions in external websites to maintain brand consistency

Set OPPi to work

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Explore Plan

Tailored & curated
OPPi-nion to design
your own research project

Want to create a research project from scratch? Curate an audience you’re not already connected to? Conduct a national or international survey of, well, everyone? Find opinion without limits with Explorer.

Design your own research project from the ground up

Tap into expert project consultancy support

Conduct nationally representative surveys

Curate audiences

Enhance visual presentation with Tableau™ dashboard and data analysis

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Find answers to common questions about OPPI.

Is there a limit to the number of questions/statements I can ask per engagement session?

With the free Pathfinder plan, you can ask a maximum of 10 questions per engagement session. There’s no limit with paid plans.

How many respondents does an engagement session need before OPPi is able to analyse results?

OPPi starts analysing data immediately, but that information only becomes meaningful once you’ve heard from a few respondents. You’ll be able to view an analytics report on your session once you’ve had seven responses.

If I upgrade to a Trailblazer or Explorer plan, will my data be carried across from my Pathfinder account?

Yes. All data in your free account will be upgraded to the premium account.

Can I download the raw data for my session?

Yes, if you have a Trailblazer or Explorer plan. If you have a Pathfinder plan, you’ll need to upgrade to view the raw data.

I would like to conduct face-to-face interviews or focus group discussions and then let OPPI analyse the data. Is that possible and how much would it cost?

Yes, you can do that. We’ll need to customise your package and for that you’ll need our Explorer plan. Contact us so we can explore what you need and quote you.

What features are you planning next?

Lots! Stay up to date by following us on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn, or send any suggestions or feedback to

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Empowering Decision-Makers with OPPi

Explore the transformative world of OPPi, where decision-making evolves into a collaborative journey. Harness the power of AI-driven opinion crowdsourcing, discover shared beliefs in real-time, and elevate your organization's decision-making prowess with inclusivity and innovation at its core.