Why OPPi?

We make consumer, staff and public sentiment really clear, so you can act on it fast.


Understand how your people are feeling now

You did the survey months ago. When the results arrive, you’re seeing a snapshot from months ago too. OPPi crowdsources and analyses sentiments in real-time, so you can start acting on insights while they’re still relevant.

Find common ground

It’s hard to take action based on dissent and division. If you’re tired of echo-chamber platforms where the loudest, most opinionated voices win out, discover a space where everyone’s voice is heard, and where analysis emphasizes what unites us.  

Get beyond the numbers

What’s in a survey score? Your 3 is someone else’s 5. You both gave a 6 but for completely different reasons. For a global organization, numbers can be unreliable. Some cultures wouldn’t dream of awarding the highest score. Others would never award anything less. OPPi gets beyond the headline numbers, using AI to instantly analyze not only the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ of stakeholder opinion, segment respondents into opinion tribes, and distil real insights.

Achieve ground-up engagement at scale

A single OPPi session can involve thousands of respondents, so you don’t have to waste time and resources deploying multiple surveys or host re-engagement sessions. Think of it as a digital focus group, only scalable, measurable and huge. 

And because the conversation is driven by participants, not pollsters, you get insights free from bias and preconceptions.

Analyzed by AI, created for humans

OPPi is built on the views of the people who interact with it. That’s why respect is hard-baked into what we do, in terms of the way we treat the opinions shared with us, the security of the data we hold, and the friendly, transparent simplicity of sharing views.

OPPi in the real world

Discover how organisations are putting OPPi to work…